SSAT Flex vs. Standard

There are two different types of SSAT test: Flex and Standard. They are the same test, and schools use the results identically.

The difference is in how the tests are offered. Standard dates are specific dates, once a month, offered throughout the SSAT testing season, October-June. These are the most widespread dates that a student would register for.

Flex dates are alternatives to the Standard dates, and are used in two ways:

  1. When lots of schools in a particular area require the SSAT, these schools might get together and offer alternative dates to accommodate more test-writers.
  2. When students register to write privately with an educational consultant, they will be writing a Flex test.


Does it matter which test you write? Sometimes. You can write as many Standard tests as you want, but only one Flex test a year. So, if you only plan on writing the test once, you can write either type.
However, if you think you might want to write the SSAT more than once, and the first test you write is a Flex test, you will only be able to choose from Standard dates for any future tests. Make sure the remaining dates work with your schedule and application deadlines. Better yet, plan on writing a Standard date for your first test, and then you won’t have to worry about it!